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Jan 22, 2022·edited Jan 22, 2022

Hey David.

I like your work. Its refreshing.

You reject left/right. I get your point. These are very vague terms. Stalin was left? Or right? Libertarians are right? They sometimes sound pretty lefty. Its all mixed up. It doesnt matter, if we call it left or right. What matters, is if it works.

But than later on you call yourself a 'left libertarian'. So, you say: left/right doesnt work, but im left.

Anyway. I get why you would like to dissociate from the right. But here we are again, using left/right.

i have a question. What is the difference between individualist anarchism/mutualism, and libertarianism? The usufruct ideas, isn't it? And how would usufruct be a thing, in this current society?

How is usufruct even possible, in this era?


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