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This was a really interesting and insightful read! Although I'm not totally sure that the capitalists you quoted were necessarily unwittingly citing Marxian economics.

Have you ever read "The Capitalist Manifesto" by Louis O. Kelso? It addressed a lot of misconceptions about capitalism and identified ways capitalism was going wrong in the 1950s, and laid the foundation for "binary economics," which was a form of capitalism that addressed just distribution of income and similar concepts to ensure better (not perfect) access to housing, education, etc., and more economic stability with an emphasis on employee ownership.

The theory shares some similarities to socialist economics, but it's very capitalist and has important differences in that it still uses a central bank but the people own their own property and income from their labor comes in ways that are largely independent of the control or influence of huge corporations (corporatism) or a government body or elite ruling class (socialism/communism).

There are other forms of capitalism than the ones we hear about all the time. Just something to think about!

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